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  1. what happened in May and June? I am awaiting with baited breath from Serbia for a new post!

  2. Michael Michael Motorocycle

    Cool to see a local chapter. I am a bit obsessed with division of flowering plants and also the subversive anarchist element of brightening up our local enviorment. Theres nothing like direct actionon a personal level. I have a big thing for day lilies. They are available harty and magnificient. Please dont condemn me for spreading what has been called on occasion an invasive plant. At least im not the guy planting that knot weed everywhere. This person is my mortal enemy that and the SOB who has planted that kudzu everywhere.

    Btw whats the name of that other super fast growing softwood tree that smells when you break its sorry ass branches off ? I hate that god forbidden curse of a plant as well…on top of all that its such an eye sore.

    Ok how about something happy ? Are there any projects coming up ?

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