BC Food

Bridge City Guerrilla Gardens is made up of individuals who like to eat.  Although that may be an understatement, we are constantly looking to find, create and consume new and exciting dishes.  During the growing season we will have garden recipes that can easily be replicated.    We will also look to a move away from heavily processed foods, to a world in which we are consuming more whole foods.  A good friend once said, “I only buy ingredients when I go to the store.”  What she meant when she said that, was that she was going to have to assemble a dish when she got home.  She wasn’t buying the all in one dinner equipped with one million and one ingredients.  That is some good advice to eat by.

Wendell Berry, a harsh critic of modern agricultural practices, famously said, “Eating is an agricultural act.”  If we change our eating habits, we will move closer to a more sustainable, equitable agriculture.

If that doesn’t do it for you.  Think of it this way:  It’s just more healthy!


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