BC Composting

Bridge City Guerrilla Gardens (BCGG) strives to recycle carbonaceous materials that we generate within our neighborhoods.  We think it is important to start small: within our own kitchens.  For example, next time you have a banana for breakfast don’t just throw the peel in the trash, but save and compost it.  That peel is high in potassium, which is extremely important for fruit production.  Composting is a biological reduction of organic wastes into fertile soil.  Composting, on its face, may seem impractical in an urban setting, but in the coming months BCGG will seek to show that composting is a viable practice for city-dwellers, implement our own urban composting operations.

BCGG will soon have tutorials to build some cost-effective compost bins that could fit your life-style and space constraints.

If you live in the Lawrenceville neighborhood and you are interested in a compost pick-up get in contact with:

Todd Wilson @ freetodd21 [at] gmail.com    

Dave Pompeani @ dpomp04 [at] gmail.com

  1. I’ve been trying to start this at my own home, which is a tiny Philly rowhome with a small back”yard”. I’m looking forward to seeing how you guys managed to pull this off, especially since I’m definitely space-constrained.


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