Bridge City Guerrilla Gardens started out as an idea over drinks.  It stayed that way for quite a while.  What’s better than talking about spending summer days outdoors, in the sun, tending to your beautiful, tasty tomatoes? Nothing like a couple cold ones to get your blood flowing, your mind moving, and turn a couple of ideas into a reality.  Ideas turning into action is the hardest part of any project, and Bridge City is no different.  After plenty of talking, the first shovel broke sod and so an era began.

Additionally, BCGG will include resources that will make your low-cost urban garden experience fruitful and 100% legal (well…maybe 80%).

Get to Know Us:

Dave P.:

Dave is considered a man of many words.  His interests in gardening include tomatoes and snap peas, along with rainfall energy harvesting and looking at the rain gauge after a storm passes.  He drives a minivan.

Todd Wilson:

Todd aspires to create guerrilla gardens under the aura of tee-kee torch flames.  He specializes in rain barrel design, 1/2 inch cedar compost sieve construction, and spray paint art.

Chris Purcell:

Chris Purcell is a financial backer and offers logistical and creative support (No labor though).  His goal is to bring ladies to the garden so he looks really ambitious and cool.  He will succeed and how couldn’t he with moves like that?

Kayla Mulheran:

Kayla Mulheran is coming off a trek across the world.  She plans to eat the weeds in the vegetable garden.

Brandon Styer:

Like any labor intensive project it is nice to have some inexpensive labor.  Brandon is our indentured servant.

  1. I think I just found one of my new favorite blogs 🙂


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