We all should be expecting an uncertain future.  Why?  Well, we are certain that we are uncertain about pretty much everything.  From the laws of physics (i.e. Heisenberg uncertainty principle) to weather and the economy, we really just don’t know.  But, what do we know? Lets break it down to a more simple form. For example, we know we are here, where we can see ourselves standing and experiencing the world… or do we.  Pondering that idea I came up with this a few years back. Its entitled ‘Where are you?’  I think it really highlights the uncertainty of our world.

Where are you?

Well, that’s simple. I am here.

I am in a house, on the bank of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Where exactly are you?

I am in the United States, on the North American Continent.

But, where are you?

I am on planet Earth, which orbits the Sun.

But, where are you?

I am within a solar system in one branch of the Milky Way Galaxy.

But, where are you?

I am amongst billions of galaxies expanding in infinite space.

But where, exactly, are you?

Where the hell are we?

(I have no idea)


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